"Numb" by Bondi Tattoo Care

The ultimate pain free pack

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💪 3+ hours pain free tattooing
🙅‍♀️ Water-based non-slippery formula
🙌 Doesn't affect the ink or the way the skin feels to the artist
🖌 Compatible to use with stencils
🌱 Vegan friendly 
🐰 Cruelty free
🛩 USA based fast shipping


The ultimate pain free tattoo pack will set you up for the best end-to-end tattoo experience with everything you for preparing yourself for your next tattoo to the aftercare and healing process.

This pack will have your skin in great condition for your next tattoo, numb for a pain free experience, and help you and your skin recover whilst ensuring the best results for you new body art.

This pack a great gift idea for a friend who loves tattoos with all the products to keep them going!

The ultimate pain free tattoo pack includes:
2 x tubes of tattoo numbing cream by Bondi Tattoo Care for your next pain free tattoo sessions
1 x roll of handy size wrap for insulating the tattoo numbing cream when preparing your skin for you pain free tattoo
1 x Deep cleaning soap for preparing your skin and after care
1 x Tattoo Goo aftercare balm for optimal healing

Please note, as we are having difficulties with our supplier of the "wrap' product due to Covid-19 we are throwing in a bonus tube of tattoo numbing cream in place of the "wrap". That is an additional USD $24 of bonus value.  So you will actually get 3 x tubes of tattoo numbing cream with this pack (for a limited time only)!

Good ol' saran/plastic wrap works just as well which most people having around the house already.


Say good bye to tattoo pain with our premium pain free tattoo numbing cream!

Look forward to your next tattoo with the comfort of knowing you will be able to relax without pain for the duration of your session. Our long lasting tattoo numbing cream will give you hours of pain free tattooing. 

💉 PAIN FREE EXPERIENCE 💉 Our tattoo numbing cream will give you hours of pain free time in the tattoo studio. "Numb" has been formulated to be long lasting and outperform other numbing solutions. 

💉 MORE TIME IN STUDIO 💉 You will be able to spend longer in the studio to get those painful or lengthy works done! No more asking for time out mid-session. No more wincing, or wishing the pain would end. Our cream gives users strong numbing for four hours on average and can be re-applied mid-session for longer days at the studio.

💉 LIVE YOUR DREAMS 💉 Gives you confidence to live out your wildest ambitions. Don't be afraid about your next tattoo or body art session even in those notoriously painful areas.

💉 GREAT FOR ARTIST 💉 Give your tattooist the best opportunity to take time and provide you with the best results. Our numbing cream will enable you to go through longer sessions in a better frame of mind.

💉 INVEST IN YOURSELF 💉 Tattoos are not cheap and are with you for a long time. Investing in our top quality products will ensure you are prepared for the experience and you will see the benefits for many years to come!

💉 TATTOO AND BODY ART 💉 Our numbing cream can be used for various forms of body art including tattoos, cosmetic tattoos such as eyebrows, tattoo removal, piercings, waxing, and laser hair removal.

Given our cream has been specifically formulated to provide a lengthy numbing effect for long tattoo sessions (3-hours or more), if you prefer a short term numb for shorter procedures than our product may not be the most suitable.

💉 HAPPY CUSTOMERS 💉 See what other happy customers have had to say about this pack in the reviews section below or what our customers are saying about in our pain free tattoo numbing cream reviews section on our main tattoo numbing cream page. Don't forget to share your review of your experience and remember our website automatically lists reviews with images first so be sure to leave an image of your new masterpiece!

💉 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 💉 Want to know more about how our numbing cream works? The numbing cream is simple to apply and easy to use. Please see our instructions page for how our cream works, simple steps on how to use, and other frequently asked questions.

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